The study of Oriental Medicine has literally been a trip around the world for me. Upon completing a pre-med program at the University of Illinois, I served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia, Southern Africa. I then traveled to India and devoted myself to seminary studies in Vaisnavism and Bhakti-Yoga at the Vrindavana Institute of Higher Education, where I also began to take an interest in Ayurveda-the traditional Indian practice of medicine-and its affiliate limb of astrology, Jyotisha. Post-India, I began my studies at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and Oregon School of Massage. Committed to deepening and expanding my knowledge of Vedic Astrology, I am presently studying under the world-renowned author and jyotishi, Hart de Fouw, at the Vedic Vidya Institute in San Rafael.

      As the founder and primary practitioner of Sattva Health Gallery, my goal is to help my clients establish and maintain a sattvic lifestyle: one defined by balance, clarity, peace of mind, and self awareness. I believe in treating the whole person, and I do so by employing a wealth of healing techniques that improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of my clients. I hold client care and satisfaction as central functions of my practice-which, in turn, I find very gratifying. I invite you to visit Sattva Health Gallery and see what eastern medicine has to offer you.


Aaron Annis
Owner, Sattva Health Gallary